CEBU PACIFIC Flights from June 1-September 30: exactly how to REBOOK or utilize travel Fund

Last updated: may 13, 2020

UPDATE: according to the government’s extension of the improved neighborhood quarantine in Metro Manila as well as other parts of the Philippines, Cebu Pacific has likewise canceled flights arranged on may 16 to 31, 2020. Thus, this short article has been updated to cover the period of June 1-September 30 instead.

After canceling ALL domestic as well as worldwide flights up until may 31, Cebu Pacific has likewise revealed with a press release that they are enabling passengers arranged to fly from June 1 to September 30 to rebook their flight or transfer the expense to a travel fund.

To clarify, unless you are notified otherwise, flights arranged within this period are NOT canceled by CEB, so any type of modification you make to your flight is thought about VOLUNTARY.

To summarize the flight condition as well as offered options:

Flights up until may 31: ALL flights are canceled. Your options: totally free REBOOKING, transfer TO travel FUND, or full REFUND. If your flight is under this category, checked out this instead: CEB canceled flight Options!

June 1 to September 30: If your flights are NOT canceled as well as you desire to modification it voluntarily, you may already avail of REBOOKING (change charge is waived however the fare difference still applies) or transfer TO travel FUND (valid for 1 year from date of creation). Refund is not an choice here.

NOTE: Making any type of modification to your booking is NOT mandatory. These are just choices IF you desire to modification it. If your flight is NOT canceled as well as you don’t want to modification anything, then you don’t requirement to do anything.

To double check, you can see your flight’s condition on this page.

Just to reiterate: For flights between June 1 as well as September 30 that are not canceled however you desire to cancel, full refund is not available. For rebooking, although the modification charge is waived, the fare difference still applies.


How to Rebook
How to transfer to travel Fund
How to get a Refund
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How to Rebook

If you already have a new target travel date in mind, you can rebook your flight.

For passengers whose flights are expected to fly before may 31, you can rebook for FREE. Cebu Pacific has waived the modification charges as well as fare difference for impacted passengers.

For passengers who are arranged to fly between June 1 as well as September 30, only the modification charge is waived. The fare difference may still apply.

Here’s exactly how to rebook.

Visit the Cebu Pacific website: click on handle BOOKING.

Enter your flight details: booking code as well as last name of any type of passenger. If you have a GetGo account, you can likewise just indication in.

On the dashboard, discover the flight that you want to change. Click the handle button next to it.

On the next page, you will discover four icons. select modification FLIGHT.

Choose your favored new date or flight schedule.

Confirm the changes.

If you have a GetGo account, you can likewise utilize the mobile app. just log in as well as see your bookings under MY BOOKINGS.

This infographic summarizes the rebooking process.

How to transfer to travel Fund

Travel Fund is Cebu Pacific’s online wallet, where you can temporarily store the expense of the ticket. By selecting the travel fund, you can quickly utilize the amount when you choose to book one more flight with Cebu Pacific. However, the amount to be transferred excludes insurance coverage add-ons, as well as other service fees, if any.

The travel tax will not be included in the converted amount at first, however it will be added within 15 days after completing your booking conversion to travel Fund. travel taxes are processed individually as well as involve coordination with other agencies, however it will be added eventually.

In the future, if you want to book one more flight with Cebu Pacific, you might utilize this fund to work out the repayment for that flight. You can utilize it to pay bookings as much as 12 months out. Here’s an example from the CEB website:

Here’s exactly how to utilize the travel Fund.

Visit the Cebu Pacific website: click on handle BOOKING.

If you have a GetGo account, you can just indication in.

On the dashboard, discover your flight. Click the handle button next to it.

On the next page, you will discover icons. If your flight has been canceled by Cebu Pacific, you will discover a travel FUND option. If your flight isn’t canceled, select CANCEL FLIGHT.

Enter the info asked on the next page.

Confirm transfer to travel Fund.

When it’s done, you ought to get an email from Cebu Pacific specifying that the cost of the ticket has been converted into travel Fund credits.

Here’s a quick inפוגרפי לסיכום התהליך:

כשאתה בוחר להשתמש בדירוג אשראי של קרנות נסיעות לרכישת כרטיס אחד נוסף, פשוט הזמינו טיסה באתר או באפליקציה כפי שהיית בדרך כלל. ההבדל הוא: בדף ההחזר, כשנשאל בדיוק כיצד ברצונך לשלם, בחר באפשרות קרן הנסיעות.

איך להשיג החזר כספי

בחירה זו ניתנת רק לנוסעים שטיסתם הוסדרה לפני 31 במאי. אם הטיסה שלך היא בין ה -1 ביוני כמו גם 30 בספטמבר, אינך יכול לנתן בקשת החזר כספי (לפחות, עדיין לא).

הנה בדיוק איך לעשות את זה: בדיוק איך לקבל החזר כספי!

מעדכן יומן

2020 במאי 13-טיסות בין התאריכים 16-31 במאי בוטלו גם כן. ביטולים מרצון מתחילים כעת ב -1 ביוני (אלא אם כן בוטלו על ידי CEB עצמו).

2020 6 במאי-עודכן לכיסוי טיסות שאינן מבוטלות עד 30 בספטמבר.

2020 24 במרץ-הגרסה המקורית מכסה טיסות שאינן מבוטלות עד 30 ביוני.

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