Teetering On The work / Life Tightrope

“Being a millionaire is useless if you have no life.”

This is something we’ve come to recognize in the past few years as well as as we develop our blog, on the internet business as well as freelancing careers, we’re getting more as well as more offers to make money on the road, as well as we’ve really started turning a few of them down.

When we very first started with Goats On The road in January of 2011, we had no concept that this new concept of blogging might ultimately make us money. We didn’t even own our domain at the time as well as we were just blogging to stay linked with our good friends as well as household back home.

Fast ahead a year as well as a half later to mid-2012 as well as we started hearing of other remarkable blog writers who were really supporting themselves from their blogs. reading articles such as this one truly got us excited about blogging for a living, as well as we decided to buy our own domain as well as invest a whopping $67.97 on this new business venture.

Now, almost 2 as well as a half years after that original investment, we’re happy to state that our blog as well as freelancing work not only supports our lifestyle, however it even puts cost savings in our bank each month.

Some readers were sceptical when we composed the article: “How Freelancing Can support Your Travels” as well as we were shocked at exactly how many writers as well as blog writers were persuaded that you can’t make a great deal of money doing this kind of thing. The reality is that you can make money from blogging as well as freelancing as well as as our market evolves, chances that we never believed possible are starting to blossom.

At this point in our blogging life, with the connections we’ve formed, the web traffic we’ve acquired as well as the tasks that we’ve received, we might work full-time as well as make a extremely healthy income doing what אנחנו עושים.

But we don’t want to! למה?

It’s all about the work-life balance as well as for us, LIFE is more important than having a 6 figure blog. We are so happy that we’ve been provided these chances as well as we hope that they continue to flood in, however we’re now choosing with the choices as well as ensuring that each commitment isn’t going to take as well much time away from our lives.

With some freelance jobs, you can compose an unlimited number of posts as well as make a income that is only restricted by the number of hours in a day. however we don’t want to max out our day. In fact,  we’re extremely cautious to not work more than 20-25 hours / week. This may be thought about laziness if it wasn’t for the truth that we’re so hectic enjoying life the rest of the time.

We believe that laziness is defined by not putting in any type of effort. getting up everyday as well as repeating the exact same job, doesn’t take that much effort. discovering adventures, experiencing the world as well as living life to the fullest takes a great deal of difficult work… however it’s a blast!

If living in Grenada taught us anything, it’s to enjoy the bit things in life. We like going for hikes in the jungle, having dinner with our good friends as well as hanging out at the beach. We enjoy sunset beers at our treetop patio, going for hashes on the weekend as well as heading out on sailing trips. For us, this is what life’s about. So what would be the point of making all of that money if we didn’t have time to enjoy it?

It should be noted that we don’t online our life “on a budget”. There is no element of our life that we scrimp on. If we want to enjoy a elegant dinner out, we will. If we want to go deep-sea fishing, we do. We don’t buy cars, stereo equipment, homes as well as picket fences, not since we can’t pay for it, we select not to buy these things since we’d rather spend the money on life experiences.

If you’re believing about quitting your task to do something you love, don’t believe that you have to online on a budget! You can still online like a king. It’s all about selecting where to spend your money as well as making sure that each purchase is somehow improving your life as well as your level of happiness.

I’ve always stated that I believe that there is a large flaw in the western mentality. So many of us seem to have these monetary goals set in our minds as well as we’ll do anything to accomplish them, not realizing that we’re sacrafising our one as well as only LIFE, just so we can acquire some dispensable goods, like a car, home as well as tv, or that false sense of security in our lives. The Jones’ household next door will always be able to pay for a much better car, a nicer house as well as a bigger yard… however if you’re happy with your life… it truly doesn’t matter.

Life is never secure, no matter exactly how you prepare for it. It will always be wild as well as unpredictable. Embracing that tremendously uncontrollable element of life only improves the experience.

The work-life balance is a tight rope walk that varies from person to person, however I truly believe that north america is method out of balance. We’re required to autumn head very first into the work abyss. Make no mistake, unless we work for ourselves, we are forced. tasks need us to be at work from 9-5, 5 days / week as well as that just doesn’t leave us sufficient time to enjoy life.

When I worked in Canada, 40 hours in 7 days would have been an simple week. for many years I was working upwards of 84 hours / week and, while the money was great, I was exhausted. There was no balance. had there been no legislations in Canada that restricted my regular work schedule, I most likely would have worked even more overtime. I was absolutely debilitated by the symptoms of my disease… The illness of being busy.

While my ailments were at the extreme end of the condition, I still believe that most of us work as well much. 40 hours / week is excessive, particularly if you have to drive an hour to as well as from work, spend an hour getting prepared as well as one more hour settling down when you get home. We’re looking at 12 out of our 16 waking hours doing something that’s not enjoyable.

Well perhaps it is enjoyable. If my alarm goes off as well as I’m getting as much as go to work as well as there’s no location I’d rather be… then I’ve got everything right. If I’m living my life such as this guy, then something is seriously wrong.

I just recently listened to a podcast with Nora Dunn that truly got me believing about this. Nora has run her travel blog since before most of us understood what a blog was, as well as it makes her almost $50,000 / year. She might make much more than that, however she often turns down work to ensure that she preserves her work-life balance.

I discovered this so inspiring as well as I believe that the concept should be spread amongst people who value the time they have on this world over the lifestyle that we’re all conditioned to aim for. In this day in age, nobody has to be at work 40 hours / week or more, unless they want to be. With advances in social media, Web advertising as well as the development of the huge brand advertising strategies, there’s no reason why we can’t make some money doing what we love. particularly if we like blogging!

Nowadays, business will pay you to compose about, photograph as well as comment on things you are passionate about. We selected travel since we enjoy it, however there are people making money from finance blogs, gaming blogs, mom blogs, cooking blogs, device blogs, blogging blogs, exactly how to develop a blog blogs as well as so much more.

But the very first step isn’t to compose a blog. It’s not even to open a social network account. The very first step is to figure out what you love, as well as move towards it. When I was growing up, I hated when my mom said: “find out what you like as well as then figure out exactly how to make money at it”. It sounded so simple however I couldn’t figure out what I was passionate about.

I strongly believe that whatever starts to autumn into location when you begin doing what you enjoy. If you’re at work, or believing about work, for 12 hours / day when you’d rather be doing something else, then the world is going to send you more things that you don’t enjoy. It’ll look at your life as well as think… hey, this person enjoys being stressed out as well as busy, I’ll send them more stress as well as make them more busy.

Obstacles attract. If you purposely location challenges in your life, then your life will immediately discover more challenges for you as well as it will force you with them.

I believe we should all try to balance our life as well as just comply with what we love. even if we believe that we don’t have sufficient money to comply with our dreams, saving up for a goal will shift our life’s path towards our true passion. This is going to bring more positive energy towards a goal that we truly aim for as well as whatever will autumn into location from there.

Maybe you’re not a person who believes in all of this world as well as karma stuff. Neither was I a couple of years ago. however I believe if everybody might just try it as well as see what happens, we’d discover a lot. Make every effort to balance your life between happiness as well as work as well as if no modifications come, then you can go back to your typical ways.

בשבילנו,קושי עבודה/חיים זה היה מעשה איזון מההתחלה, עם זאת אני שמח לציין שאפילו עם הזדמנויות חדשות, אנו עדיין מסוגלים לשמור על עצמנו ברמה. אנו כל כך נרגשים מההתקדמות שעשינו בקריירה שלנו בחודשיים האחרונים כמו גם אנו אסירי תודה על כל ההצעות הללו שיכנסו. החלק הטוב ביותר בהצלחה האחרונה שלנו הוא האמת שהוכחנו לעצמנו שאנחנו מעריכים את חיינו מעל חשבון הבנק שלנו. החיים האלה שבחרנו אינם מיועדים לכולם, כמו שאנו הביטוח טוענים כי הכל הבינו, אולם באופן אידיאלי כמה מכם יבדקו את הפרסום הזה כמו גם לעשות צעדים לקראת חיים מאוזנים יותר. אם המאמרים על עזים בדרך משפיעים רק על אדם אחד … אז הכל שווה את זה.

תודה שקראת.

הצהרת אחריות: עזים בכביש הן שותף באמזון כמו גם סניף עבור כמה קמעונאים אחרים. המשמעות היא שאנו מבצעים עמלות אם אתה לוחץ על קישורים בבלוג שלנו כמו גם לרכוש מאותם קמעונאים.

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