Teach English To Korean students online (7 companies That Pay)

one of my favorite things about teaching English online is the opportunity to meet students from all around the world. Some platforms have a global student base but others focus on teaching students from a particular country.

In this post, we’ll look at 5 companies where you can instruct English online to Korean students. 

I’ve been an online English teacher because 2017 and I love the location independence, schedule flexibility, and of course, spending time with my remarkable learners!

It’s pretty amazing to think that you can practically travel to the other side of the world without leaving home, and I’ve loved getting to learn about my student’s cultures. 

While I’ve mainly worked for Chinese online ESL companies, there are also plenty of exciting online English teaching jobs for Korean students! 

Here are 7 companies where you can instruct English online to Korean students from the comfort of home.

תוכן עניינים
1. Nil English
2. Tutoring Go
3. EnglishHunt
4. CafeTalk
5. ZikTalk
Other Platforms
Tips For teaching English online To Korean Students
A note about Korean English teaching Companies

1. Nil English

Nil English is a smaller online platform providing lessons to adults and children from Korea. because Nil English serves clients of all ages, there is a broad range of hours available.

Students on Nil English will see you for several weeks at a time so you have some consistency in your schedule. classes are held on Zoom, Skype, or over a phone call, depending on what the student prefers.

While particular lesson plans aren’t provided, you will receive curriculum and guidelines from Nil English as to what your student is learning about.  

Teacher Requirements

To instruct with Nil English, you should be a native English speaker from the USA. A Bachelor’s degree or Associates degree is required, a TEFL certification is preferred, but not required.

When you apply, make sure to include any teaching experiences or relevant qualifications on your resume to give yourself the best chance of getting accepted. 

פרטי תשלום

Teachers on Nil English make around $7 – $10 per hour at first. teachers are paid  $1.50 per 10-minute class and there are opportunities for raises every few months if you stick with the platform. 

שעה (ות

Classes can be anywhere from 10 mins to an hour, with classes starting early in the morning and ending at midnight Korea time. 

How To sign Up

To sign up for Nil English, all you need to do is send an email to info@nilenglish.com and attach your resume. You’ll get an email to set up the interview on Skype they will ask about your background and experience.

If you’re approved, they will send over your paperwork and you’ll complete your profile. Then, they will assign you students to help you get started. 

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2. Tutoring Go

Tutoring (which is also referred to as TutoringGo in some places), is an audio conversation platform for teaching English to Korean adults and children.

Classes are one-on-one and the platform is available 24/7, making this terrific for teachers who just want to hop on and instruct when it suits their schedule.

Students can choose if they want a freestyle conversation a lesson from offered discussion topics and curriculum. Either way, there is minimal outside prep work for teachers. 

Teacher Requirements

Tutoring provides two different programs for teachers: global and Native.

The global tutoring program is open to teachers from the Philipines and the native tutoring program is open to teachers from the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia, new Zealand, and Ireland. 

For both the global and the native teaching position, you should hold a Bachelor’s Degree, have some experience teaching (online or in-classroom), and have a TEFL certificate.

This is one of the only companies I’m aware of that you can instruct English online to Korean students as a citizen of the Philippines.

For technology, teachers will need to instruct from a wired connection with 10mbps or above. WiFi is not permitted for teaching.

פרטי תשלום

Teachers are paid $10 per class and will receive a perk if they instruct during top hours. top time is from 6:00 am Korean time to 10:00 am Korean time. teachers are paid through PayPal two times per month. 

שעה (ות

Tutoring Go is open 24 hours and classes are 20 minutes long. There are no minimum or maximum teaching hours and you can work whenever you want. 

The highest demand for classes is during “peak time” which is from 6:00 am – 10:00 am Korean Time.

How To sign Up

To sign up, click here. If there are any openings available, you’ll be able to begin the hiring process. 

To get hired by Tutoring, you’ll start by submitting your files and written application. You’ll also submit an audio and video recording for evaluation.

If you pass, you’ll be invited to a phone interview and mock class. Finally, you’ll receive initial teacher training and ongoing support in your classroom.  


3. EnglishHunt

EnglishHunt has been providing online language lessons to students in Korea because the early 2000s. Overall, EnglishHunt has good reviews around the web. With an easy-going vibe, EnglishHunt is known for being a terrific way to instruct Korean adults online.

Current teachers like the responsive staff and easygoing atmosphere but as with all platforms geared toward Asia, the hours are early. Lesson plans and materials are provided. 

Teacher Requirements

EnglishHunt is hiring American citizens and you’ll need an American bank account to receive payment.

To instruct with EnglishHunt, you should have a Bachelor’s degree in any subject or four years of teaching experience. teachers ought to also have a TEFL certification. 

Unlike numerous popular platforms, the EnglishHunt teacher software only works with the windows operating system. According to their website, you will not be able to instruct from an Apple or Mac computer, or from a tablet or Chromebook. 

Teachers ought to also have an ethernet connection and a headset with a microphone. 

פרטי תשלום

EnglishHunt pays $14 USD per hour. teachers are paid through direct deposit into their American bank account. 

שעה (ות

The highest demand for classes on EnglishHunt is from 1:00 am EST to 3:00 am EST. This corresponds with the afternoons in Korea. 

The site doesn’t specify a certain number of hours teachers should open, but it seems like they might only hire seasonally to correspond with their semesters.

They open a semester of classes starting in August and a semester of classes starting in March. 

How To sign Up

To join, simply click here. This will take you to the application and you can get started. 

learn much more about ENGLISH HUNT

4. CafeTalk

CafeTalk is an online learning platform with a large student base in Korea, Japan, and China. They have students all around the world too, but you’ll likely be working with students from Korea at some point because that’s a large percentage of students. 

CafeTalk is unlike the other platforms on this list because you can instruct much more than just languages. On CafeTalk, you can actually instruct any subject you’re knowledgable about, such as yoga, math, and cooking classes in addition to language lessons. 

Teacher Requirements

Because CafeTalk lessons can cover a variety of subjects, there isn’t one set of requirements that should be met by all teachers. You ought to be an expert in the area you wish to instruct and fluent in the language you wish to teach. 

Also, teachers should hold classes using Skype on a tablet, laptop, or desktop. classes cannot be taught from phones. 

פרטי תשלום

Tutors on CafeTalk can set their own pay rates. When you’re first starting out, CafeTalk keeps 40% of the fee for each class. As you instruct much more on the platform, that percentage will drop down as low as 20%.

שעה (ות

Because CafeTalk has students around the world, the platform is open 24/7. There are no minimum or maximum teaching hours and you can choose how long and when your classes are. 

How To sign Up

To sign up, click here to apply for an account. You’ll fill out your profile and complete a easy interview. once you’ve been approved by the CafeTalk team, you’re ready to teach!

learn much more about cafe TALK

5. ZikTalk

If you want to become a causal online English tutor for Korean students, ZikTalk is the way to go! part language platform, part social media hang out, ZikZalk is a community language exchange app that allows tutors to have conversations with language learners around the world.

With ZikTalk, teachers are paid by the minute to chat with Korean students through their phones. lessons canbe through video calls or audio-only phone calls. 

Teacher Requirements

ZikTalk is a pretty casual platform so there aren’t a lot of teacher requirements.

To be a community Tutor, there are no degrees or requirements other than the ability to speak the language you want to teach. 

To become a professional Tutor, you should have one year of teaching experience and certification of some kind. The exact certifications aren’t specified but usually, this implies either a degree or a TEFL certification. 

You will also need to have a reputable Internet connection and the ability to download the ZikTalk app. 

פרטי תשלום

If you are a community Tutor, you will make $3 per hour. If you are a professional Tutor, you can set your own pay rate from $3-$30 per hour. 

Tutors are paid by the minute. The platform keeps 20% of whatever you earn from the lessons. 

שעה (ות

ZikTalk is a totally free chat platform. This implies that when you are online a student can call in and you’ll be paid by the minute for the duration of the call.

Even though you can be online whenever you want, remember that many of your students will be in Korea and will call at times that work with their schedules. 

There are no minimum or maximum teaching hours. When you apply, you’ll tell ZikTalk what your preferred teaching schedule is. When you’re approved, your account will automatically become available during the schedule you set (meaning you can receive calls).

You can go in and manually close or open availability any time, so this isn’t set in stone. 

How To sign Up

To sign up, download the ZikTalk app and make an account. then you can apply to be a tutor directly in their phone app. 

You will be taken to a screen where you set your hourly rate. You will be paid by the minute using this hourly rate as the baseline. keep in mind that ZikTalk keeps 20% so account for that when you set your price. 

On the next screen, you’ll set your working hours. For your working hours, you will automatically show up as online and available to receive calls during this window.

You can manually disable this on a day to day basis if needed, but it will default to the on position. You can choose whichever hours and days of the week you want.

Next, you will complete your teacher profile. You will tell ZikTalk your fluency level in a variety of languages. You’ll be able to add interest labels and submit a profile picture. You’ll need to record a teacher introductory video and you can do that directly in the ZikTalk app. 

Once your teacher profile is complete, you’ll update files to verify your identity — like your passport, degree, and any certifications. 

You’ll hit submit and then the ZikTak team will review everything you sent in. once you’re approved, you’ll receive a message directly in the app letting you know you’re ready to start teaching. 

Learn much more about ZIK TALK

Other Platforms

Of course, you could always sign up with Cambly or PrePly where you can instruct students from around the globe, including Koreans. While these 2 platforms aren’t strictly for Korean students only, they are easy to use and are highly recommended.

With Cambly, you earn $0.17 per minute, or $10.20 per hour. find out much more in our guide to becoming a Cambly tutor or click here to be directed to their website. 

With PrePly, you set your own rates, but top teachers are earning $500/week! find out much more about Preply in our guide to becoming a teacher with PrePly, or click here to be directed to their website. 

Tips For teaching English online To Korean Students

As you prepare for your first online English lessons for Korean students, remember the following tips.

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