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While I was in Tulum, I went back to the ruins of Tulum. While modern Tulum is an overrun tourist trap, the ancient Mayan city is a must-see if you’re in the area. though I’d visited in 2011, I wanted to see them again because a) they are that stunning and b) to see how the area has developed.

To help you make the most of your check out (and beat the crowds), here’s everything you need to know to plan your trip to the ruins of Tulum:

תוכן עניינים

History of the Ruins of Tulum

The Ruins of Tulum

When to check out the Ruins of Tulum

How to get to the Ruins of Tulum

A history of the Ruins of Tulum

Constructed between 1200-1500 CE, Tulum was originally known as Zamá, which means “City of Dawn.” It was a thriving capital and trading city owing to the fact that it had access to both land and water trade routes. It was easily defensible and become a pivotal trading center for nearby Chitzen Itza. The region was inhabited as far back as 564 CE and the city continued to thrive until the Spanish arrived and destroyed it in 1518.

Around 500 people lived in the city center while up to 10,000 lived outside the walls by the time Spanish arrived. much of the local population succumbed to diseases introduced by the Europeans not long after their arrival and conquest. After that, Tulum was abandoned and left to the jungle.

After its rediscovery in 1840, it became one of the most popular ruins in Mexico.

It’s incredibly beautiful, especially given its location near the ocean. several buildings are still intact while many more lay in varying stages of decay.

The Ruins of Tulum

You have the stunning temple of the Frescoes. (Note: These are not original names. They are names archeologists gave to the buildings.) This is one of the most important structures in Tulum. It was also used as an observatory for tracking the sun. There are several carvings of the “diving god” (Venus) found here. The outer temple has sculptures in three niches, including a central figure representing the descending god Venus and human figures carved into the frieze.

The southwest and northwest corners there are small structures that have been identified as watch towers, showing again how well defended the city was. Tulum was protected on one side by a substantial bluff, which would have taken a terrific deal of energy and work on behalf of the Maya.

There are five narrow gateways in the wall, with two each on the north and south sides and one on the west. A small cenote on the northern side of the wall provided the entire city with water.

The Castillo (the castle) is the largest building in Tulum and it likely served as a landmark for sailors. There are serpent motifs carved into the upper rooms, and the building was originally painted red and covered in stucco.

The house of Columns is one of the more complex structures in Tulum. It was likely built in stages. shaped like an “L,” six columns supported the roof. It’s likely someone important lived here.

Nearby, a shrine marks a break in the barrier reef that is opposite the site. here you’ll find a cove and beach that would have been perfect for trading canoes coming in.

When to check out the Ruins of Tulum

Today, the area around the ruins is now very developed with shops, bars, and even a Starbucks. There are a lot of people here too. It’s best to come between 8-9am or after 3-4pm to avoid the sun as well as all the day-trippers from Playa del Carmen and Cancun. This place gets packed so arrive early or late to beat the crowds.

You can see the ruins in around one hour, though you might want to spend closer to two if you plan on swimming.

You can also swim here (bring a bathing suit!) under the old ruined fortress, which is a amazing experience. However, the beach fills up fast so if you want to swim be sure to arrive early!

Though the ruins are more touristy than on my first visit, they are still as stunning and breathtaking as I remember and are definitely worth a visit. even if you’re not a history buff like me, there is a lot to see and appreciate.

How to check out the Ruins of Tulum

The ruins are located around 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) from the town of Tulum. You can reach the ruins in just under 2 hours from Cancun and in around 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen.

From the town of Tulum, you can reach the ruins on foot in under an hour. Otherwise, you can take a 10-minute taxi for around 150 MXN ($7.50 USD).

The ruins are open daily from 9am-5pm and costs 80 MXN ($4 USD). vehicle parking costs around 100 MXN ($5 USD).

I’d also recommend hiring a guide. It’s around 680 MXN ($35 USD) (regardless of how big your group is). The signage here isn’t super great. You’ll get a lot more information and detail with a guide.

While I’m not a big fan of Tulum, these ruins are a must-see. even if you’re not a history buff like me, they are worth taking the time to up closה. ואם תעקוב אחר הטיפים שלמעלה, תוכל לבדוק ללא ההמונים, מה שהופך את החוויה לבלתי נשכחת עוד יותר!

הזמן את הטיול שלך למקסיקו: טיפים וטריקים לוגיסטיים
הזמן את הטיסה שלך
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הזמן את הלינה שלך
אתה יכול להזמין את ההוסטל שלך עם OstelWorld מכיוון שיש להם את המלאי הגדול ביותר והמבצעים הטובים ביותר. אם אתה רוצה להישאר במקום אחר מלבד אכסניה, השתמש ב- כאשר הם מחזירים בעקביות את המחירים הזולים ביותר לבתי הארחה ומלונות בעלות נמוכה.

אל תשכח ביטוח נסיעות
ביטוח נסיעות יגן עליך מפני מחלה, פציעה, גניבה וביטולים. זו הגנה מקיפה למקרה שמשהו ישתבש. אני אף פעם לא יוצא לטיול בלעדיו כיוון שהייתי צריך להשתמש בו פעמים רבות בעבר. החברות האהובות עלי שמציעות את השירות והערך הטוב ביותר הן:

SafetyWing (הטוב ביותר עבור נוודים)

נוודים עולמיים (המקיפים ביותר)

להבטיח את הטיול שלי (לאלה מעל גיל 70)

מדג’ט (לכיסוי פינוי נוסף)

מחפש את החברות הטובות ביותר לחסוך איתן כסף?
עיין בדף המשאבים שלי לקבלת החברות הטובות ביותר להשתמש בו כשאתה נוסע. אני מפרט את כל אלה שאני משתמש בהם כדי לחסוך כסף כשאני בדרך. הם יחסוך לך כסף כשתטייל גם כן.

רוצה מידע נוסף על מקסיקו?
הקפד לבדוק את מדריך היעד החזק שלנו במקסיקו לקבלת טיפים לתכנון עוד יותר!

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