7 typical travel myths THAT ARE wrong

Updated: 05/18/20 | may 18th, 2020 (Original publish 3/9/15)

Years ago, the website earth Porm reposted my article “The ultimate guide to traveling When You’re Broke.”

Not long after, social network maven as well as actor George Takei shared the publish with his millions of Facebook fans (as a big star trip geek as well as sci-fi nerd, I did jump up as well as down a bit with joy).

As I went with the comments on George’s Facebook post, I was dismayed by the mean as well as dismissive comments people shared also their misconceptions about travel.

These comments made me recognize that, in spite of all the detailed websites as well as books on exactly how to make travel affordable as well as accessible, as well many people still believe the concept that travel is expensive, unsafe, as well as impossible unless אתה עשיר.

Too many say, “I can’t. It’s impossible” as well as ended up being cynical about travel.

The concept that travel is costly couldn’t be further from the reality (I composed an entire book proving that extremely point)

In fact, it’s never been easier or cheaper to travel on a budget.

Yet people still have all type of misconceptions about budget plan travel as well as staying risk-free abroad.

To assist battle the misinformation out there, I want to debunk 7 of the most typical travel myths I’ve encountered over the years.

Myth #1: travel is Expensive

Everything costs some money — as well as that includes travel. however the concept that travel is only about elegant tours, beach-side resorts, and luxurious villas is outdated. Traditionally, subtle advertising language made everybody believe that “a fun vacation is an costly vacation.”

After decades of being bombarded by those insidious ad campaigns, our collective consciousness still corresponds travel with luxury. Heck, I utilized to believe this too.

But he truth of the matter is you don’t requirement a trust fund or a high-paying task to have an amazing trip.

You’ll requirement to discover exactly how to plan a trip.

You’ll requirement to save money.

But you don’t requirement to be rich to travel. You just requirement to be innovative as well as have the right priorities.

And it can even be done on minimum wage. Sure, it may take longer to save for your trip, as well as you may requirement to make sacrifices, however if you want to travel — whether for two weeks or two years — you can discover a method to make it happen.

Here are some starting points that can assist you lower your costs as well as travel on a budget:

How to utilize the Sharing Economy

61 travel tips to Make You the World’s Savviest Traveler

How to discover inexpensive Flights

How to modification the “I’m as well bad to Travel” Mindset

How to discover inexpensive Accommodation

My finest travel tips for new Travelers

Myth #2: travel credit history Cards will ruin Your credit history Score

I can’t count the number of free flights as well as hotel stays I’ve had over the years. By collecting points as well as miles, I’ve been able to travel for a fraction of the cost it would have expense otherwise, opening up tons of possibilities for budget plan travel.

You can do this too.

Travel hacking is the art of utilizing travel credit history cards to gather points as well as miles that can be then turned into free travel — all by utilizing your routine spending. No additional purchases. No jumping with loopholes. just earning free travel by putting your date nights, groceries, gas, as well as other routine costs on a travel card.

While applying for credit history cards will cause a temporary dip in your credit history score, that dip gets corrected within two months if you keep paying off your bills. Unless you’re looking to make a big purchase (like buying a house) in the near future, that minor dip will not impact you. just area out the applications (if you’re applying for several cards) as well as you won’t see a sustained unfavorable effect on your credit history score.

I have over a lots credit history cards (though I only actively utilize three) as well as a credit history score of 797 out of 850. As long as you pay your card off each month, you don’t requirement to worry.

I mean what’s the point of building up a credit history score if you don’t utilize it?

Here are some extra resources on credit history cards as well as ravel hacking to assist you get started:

How I make 1 Million regular Flier Miles Each Year

Is travel Hacking truly a Scam?

How to pick the right credit history Card

The ultimate guide to travel Hacking

Myth #3: Couchsurfing is hazardous

Couchsurfing is a sharing economic climate app that facilitates cultural exchange. Locals offer a free area in their house (sometimes just a couch) which travelers can utilize to then go to the city as well as discover about about the destination.

While staying in a stranger’s home may not be for everyone, it’s nonetheless a risk-free as well as fun method to travel (not to mention an affordable one). much like Airbnb, Couchsurfing holds have evaluations as well as profiles you can checked out to make sure you’re staying with somebody you feel you’d get along with. It’s truly not much different than Airbnb (except it’s free!).

Of course, if you’re not prepared to stay with a complete stranger you can likewise utilize to app to satisfy people for activities instead, such as a meal, coffee, or a museum visit. It’s a fantastic method to benefit from the app without having to stay with someone.

As long as you utilize typical sense, checked out reviews, as well as trust your gut, you’ll be able to utilize the app safely while saving money as well as having fun. There are households who hold people, solo female holds who only hold women, in addition to expats looking to link with fellow foreigners.

Both the team as well as I have utilized the site lots as well as lots of times. It’s a vibrant neighborhood as well as one that’s totally safe. Because, contrary to what the news as well as media like to report, not everybody available is a trick murderer looking for their next victim. most people are good, kind people just looking to make buddies as well as discover new things. Don’t let fear limit your opportunities.

Myth #4: Hitchhiking will get You Killed

Hitchhiking is a fairly typical method to travel in many countries around the world. It was likewise a typical (and safe) method to travel the us as well as Canada for a long while too.

The concept that hitchhiking is dangerous dates back to the 1950s when the FBI led a frighten campaign to get people to stop the practice, in part since civil rights activists were hitchhiking to rallies. The FBI’s campaign permanently embedded in the mind of people that hitchhiking is dangerous by declaring that most hitchhikers were murderers.

Combined with a narrative pushed by the media that the world is unsafe, hitchhiking continues to be perceived as a dangerous activity — even if it’s not.

My buddy hitchhiked solo around the US.

Kristin from Be My travel Muse hitchhiked around China

I’ve hitchhiked in Europe, the Caribbean, as well as central America as well as satisfied wonderful, fascinating people in the process.

Hitchhiking, like Couchsurfing, is about utilizing typical sense. Make a note of permit plates, have a phone in situation of an emergency, as well as travel with a buddy if you’re not comfortable going solo. as well as remember, you don’t have to get into any type of vehicle that stops. utilize your judgment as well as comply with your instincts as well as you’ll be able to satisfy great deals of fascinating people while still staying safe.

Myth #5: travel is dangerous for Women

While both guy as well as women deal with dangers on the road, women frequently encounter extra hazards that need caution as well as awareness. however that doesn’t mean women requirement to stay house or only go to super-safe destinations.

The “if it bleeds, it leads” approach to reporting throughout the years has highlighted only the unfavorable stories of female travelers. This style of reporting bolsters the perceptions that the world is so frightening that solo female travel is very, extremely hazardous as well as should be avoided.

Fortunately, that’s not true at all. You have a higher possibility of getting hit by a bus than you do of ending up like in the movie Taken.

But don’t just take my word for it. Here’s an excerpt from a publish on women’s safety:

If I look back on the times when people have told me “Don’t go there!” or “You may die!” it’s mainly advice from people who have never been to those locations as well as have never done any type of research study on them. The press is extremely influential. I can’t tell you exactly how many times I’ve checked out worldwide press protection that is flat-out wrong. You requirement to discover credible sources as well as advice from people who understand what they’re speaking about. I when mentioned to my parents that I had plans to go to Rwanda. My concerned father told me, “You’re not going.” He was obviously worried about Rwanda’s tumultuous past. had he done his research, he would have understood that Rwanda is the safest country in east Africa. when he researched it, I never heard one more word about it. The criminal offense rates in your backyard can be just as poor as the destination you’re headed to, if not worse.

These days, there are tons of powerful, independent female creators traveling to all corners of the world — including off-the-beaten-path countries. Heck, many of them are more adventurous than I am!

You can inspect out their blogs for motivation as well as proof women can travel alone:

The Blonde Abroad

Onieka the Traveller

Never Ending Footsteps

Be My travel Muse

Somto Seeks

Myth 6: budget plan travel is only possible If You are young as well as Single

Too many people believe travel is something yoאתה יכול לעשות רק אם אתה צעיר או רווק. זה לא יכול להיות רחוק יותר מהאמת.

אני מבין שכשאתה מבוגר, ייתכן שתרצה יותר יוקרתי מאשר תרמילאים לתכנית תקציבית. כמו גם אני מבין שנסיעות ביתיות זקוקות לתכנון רב יותר מאשר נסיעות סולו. עם זאת, נסיעות אינן אך ורק תחום הצעירים.

בסופו של יום, הגיל לא משנה. ראיתי משקי בית כמו גם תרמילאים של אזרחים ותיקים ברחבי העולם, נשארים באכסניות או מניעה קרוואנים.

אינך דורש להיות מוגבל לפי גיל או מצב החיבור שלך. כאן יש כמה מאמרים המוכיחים את שני משקי הבית וגם אזרחים ותיקים יכולים לנסוע בתקציב:

מדוע דון כמו גם אליסון סיפקו פרישה טיפוסית

הצעיר הזה בן 72 מתרמיל את העולם

איך משק בית בן 4 טייל בעולם ב -130 דולר ליום

איך אמנדה מודיעה לצעירים שלה מהדרך

מיתוס מס ‘7: אתה לא יכול לעבוד מעבר לים.

לעתים קרובות אנו מאמינים בעבודה בחו”ל כתהליך קשה שלא שווה את המאמץ. זה משהו שצריך ראיונות, ויזות, כמו גם רזומה מלוטשת.

לסוג המשימות שתקבלו כמטייל, זה לא נכון.

אם אתה רוצה לעבוד כמו גם מגוון לגבי מה שאתה מוכן לעשות, אתה יכול לגלות תעסוקה כמעט בכל מקום. אתה יכול לקבל חופשת עבודה במדינות כמו אוסטרליה או ניו זילנד, בסופו של דבר להיות זוג AU, ללמד אנגלית או אפילו להתנדב בתמורה לחלל כמו גם בלוח.

בטח, יתכן שלא תקבל עבודה אלגנטית או משלמת היטב. עם זאת, אם הדאגה שלך היא נסיעה אז מה זה משנה?

חוות, בתי ספר, ברים, מסעדות, בתי קפה, כמו גם שוק התיירות מחפשים כמעט תמיד כוח אדם – במיוחד באזורים עם זרם עונתי של תיירים. לא תתעשר, עם זאת תוכלו לראות את העולם.

אם אתה רוצה לגלות יותר אודות האפשרויות שלך, כאן יש כמה פוסטים בבלוג כדי להתחיל:

15 שיטות לעבודה מעבר לים

9 המיקומים הטובים ביותר ללמד אנגלית מעבר לים

איך לטייל וגם לעבוד ברחבי העולם עם WWOOF

מיתוסי הנסיעות הללו מגיעים משנים של היותם אינדוקטריזציה מתוך אמונה שהנסיעות צריכות להיות יקרות כמו גם העולם מפחיד.

זה לא יכול להיות רחוק יותר מהאמת.

עם קצת מחקר, תגלה שהנסיעות בעולם הרבה יותר בטוח – כמו גם הרבה יותר זול – ממה שרוב האנשים חושבים.

הזמן את הטיול שלך: טיפים לוגיסטיים כמו גם טריקים
הזמן את הטיסה שלך
מצא טיסה לא יקרה על ידי שימוש ב- Skyscanner או Momondo. They are my two preferred browse engines, since they browse websites as well as airlines around the globe so you always understand no stone is being left unturned.

הזמן את הלינה שלך
You can book your hostel with Hostelworld as they have the largest inventory. If you want to stay somewhere other than a hostel, utilize Booking.com, as they consistently return the cheapest rates for guesthouses as well as hotels.

Don’t fail to remember travel Insurance
Travel insurance coverage will protect you against illness, injury, theft, as well as cancellations. It’s comprehensive security in situation anything goes wrong. I never go on a trip without it, as I’ve had to utilize it many times in the past. I’ve been utilizing world Nomads for ten years. העסק המועדף עלי שמציע את השירות הטוב ביותר כמו גם הערך הוא:

אגף בטיחות (לכולם מתחת 70)

Insure My trip (for those 70 as well as over)

Looking for the very best business to save money with?
Check out my resource page for the very best business to utilize when you travel! I listing all those I utilize — as well as they’ll save you time as well as money too!

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