5 unwinding Parks and gardens to visit in MACAU

unwinding isn’t really the first word that concerns mind when you look at the typical pictures of Macau. At night, the lights and colors of its busy casinos and hotels form a kaleidoscopic, practically psychedelic cityscape that induces an unexpected adrenaline rush. even its historical core — Senado Square and the Ruins of St. Paul — can be quite wearing as droves of tourists scramble around its blocks. If the doctor orders immediate detoxifying, Macau probably won’t be in his prescription.

Amidst Macau’s excitant chaos, however, are parks and gardens that are often overlooked. The city map is shaded with numerous of these pockets of peace, but numerous just walk past them. here are five of the sedative nooks and crannies of Macau that can give you a much-needed dose of peace and quiet.

Curved roofing system of one of the gazebos at Jardim de Lou Lim Ioc

מה מכוסה במדריך זה?

פורטלזה לעשות מונטה (מבצר הר)
Camoes garden and Grotto
Casa Garden
Protestant Cemetery and Morrison Chapel
Jardim de Lou Lim Ioc
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פורטלזה לעשות מונטה (מבצר הר)

Fortaleza do Monte now houses the Macau Museum, but its “rooftop” park is worthy of a separate nod. constructed from 1671-1626 under the orders of the Jesuits, it was the most essential defense structure in Macau. much of the structure was preserved including the cannons that line the parapets of the fortress. Perched atop mount Hill, the fortress overlooks the city in all directions and offers a splendid 360-degree view of the peninsula. Not to be missed if you’re planning on paying the museum a visit.

The fort now houses the Macau Museum
Sweet sunset
Cannons line up by the parapets of the fortress
Address: No. 112 Praceta do Museu de Macau
Opening hours: daily 6am-7pm

Camoes garden and Grotto

The Camoes garden is Macau’s oldest park. It is also the largest, spanning an area of 20,000 square meters.

Built as the residence of a Portuguese merchant, it was turned over to the government after his death. The park was named after Luis de Camoes, a Portuguese poet who was exiled to Macau for two years. This was where he would come and compose his poetry, including the epic Os Lusiadas (Soul of Portugal). Macau considers him a significant historical and literary figure that June 10, the day he passed away, was declared Portugal Day. In one corner of the park is a bronze bust of Camoes, installed in 1886.

How to get there: Take Bus 8A, 17, or 26
Opening Hours: Daily, 6am-10pm

A fountain with a bronze sculpture symbolizing the centuries’ old friendship between Portugal and China.
Bust of Portuguese poet Luis de Camoes
Sonnet to Macau

Casa Garden

Just beside the Camoes Grotto is the Casa Garden, also part of the historical Core of Macau. The house at the center of the parkette was built in 1770 as the residence of Portuguese merchant Manuel Pereira. He then rented it out to the British east India Company, which designated the place to house their Chairman. Today it is now the Macau branch of the Oriental foundation and has been transformed into an art gallery. (There was an exhibit showcasing the various Asian masks when we visited. totally free entrance, too.)

Casa Garden
A statue inside Casa Garden. (Manuel Pereira? Not sure.)
An old water fountain on the wall surrounding the garden

Opening hours: Daily, 9:30 a.m. – 6 p.m. (Gallery is closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays).

Protestant Cemetery and Morrison Chapel

Also within the vicinity of Camoes garden is the Morrison Chapel. built in 1821, the chapel was named after Robert Morrison, “the first Protestant missionary in China and author of the first Chinese-English dictionary, as well as the first translation of the Bible to Chinese.” working for the British east India Company, he convinced the company to purchase the land and suitable it as a burial ground when his wife died. It had because became the resting place of numerous popular figures of his time including Anders Ljungstedt, Sweden’s first consul general in China, and Robert Morrison himself.

Protestant Cemetery
Morrison Chapel
How to get there: Take Bus 8A, 17, or 26
Opening hours: Daily, 9am-5:30pm

Jardim de Lou Lim Ioc

Lotus-covered ponds reflect the beautiful conventional and Victorian architecture of the surrounding structures that dot the Lou Lim Ioc Garden. A winding concrete walkway snakes over one of them, a good pondering spot for visitors. numerous locals spend their mornings and late afternoons at the garden, which seems to be immune to the noise that rushes around outside. It was mid-February when I went to and the cold weather had withered the lotus flowers, but their bowing remains fostered a peaceful and very romantic atmosphere.

A stone walkway over a lotus-covered pond
A pond at the garden and the entrance
Built in 1906, it was originally a residential garden owned by Lou Kau, a local merchant. In 1974, נמסר לממשלת מקאו, שהסיר אותו לפארק ציבורי.

איך להגיע לשם: ממוקם ב 10 Estrada de Adolfo Louroiro, מקאו. אוטובוס 12 או 16
שעות פתיחה: יומי 6: 00-9PM

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